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Label Rstc Records

Welcome In The Label Rstc Records

was born in naples, Italy in 2018 with the intent to convey to the world his dancefloor RSTC records is a concept and not just a label and wants to be not only a new stage, but a launching point for young talents well - known and established artists, a way to express themselves and create a link between artists and art lovers club themselves.

For reasons of piracy we decided to go out only in the sequential digital store

Itunes , Spotify , Deezer, Bandcamp , Amazon , Google Play ,Youtube Music, Pandora (Quality audio 320kb / wav )

mastering :
for mp3 format send it in 24 bit and 48.0 kHz - for wav format send it in 16 bit and 44.1 kHz
– When mixing, please consider that the stereo sum remains under -3db ideally -6db

Indirizzo: via piave - 80126 - naples (NA)


Telefono: +393381931298

Cellulare: +393381931298